«I hear and I forget. I see and I remember. I do and I understand.»

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Our company is exclusively focused on providing innovative education in the domain of retail. Our unique approach is creative and motivating, and closely reflects the realities of modern retailing.

Building relationships and trust between Retailers, Manufacturares and Shoppers. Improving the shopper experience, making it more comfortable and simple.
We have developed an exciting range of business simulations. Entertaining and motivating, the simulations provide risk-free opportunities to experiment with a wide range of real world situations. You learn by doing, not by listening.
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The Mar-Pro seminar was created by Marcel Corstjens, creator of Mar-Pro, and Professor of Marketing at the INSEAD Business School.

3 key differences:

  1. A negotiation game where you get the experience of playing both sides: retailer and manufacturer.
  2. Mar-Pro allows you to see how your actions influence both your own company profits and those of your negotiations partner.
  3. A Mar-Pro seminar develops your understanding of key retail pressures, and gives a practical feel for the different challenges facing retailers and their suppliers as they try to co-operate.

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A unique business simulation for retailers and manufacturers that aims at creating professionals of the new generation.

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The program is prepared and taught by professor Marcel Corstjens, Mar-Pro creator, in person.

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Tamas Szucs. Project Manager Business Monitoring. Metro AG Dusseldorf

Mar-Pro is a must have. It gives you the possibility to try yourself in different roles and develop your skills through a complex, lifelike case study which poses the most important questions one can meet as a manufacturer or as a retailer. It either reminds or teaches you the logical drivers of the market and puts you into the shoes of an entrepreneur who has to make his own decisions in the roleplays. Through simulations it shows you the effect of your decisions on your and your competitors’ performance as well as how the industry works as a whole. The integrated lectures make you proactive, motivate you to compete with all participants regardless of your professional background. I recommend this training to everybody who is interested in commerce and or working in the FMCG industry either as a manufacturer or as a retailers.

Martin Dubreuil. Global Category Management. Canned Goods & Pet Food

“I really enjoyed the training session of Mar-Pro as it provides a comprehensive and realistic simulation of real life business. Although I am experienced enough in business topics, the training allowed me to test and understand different dimensions of the Retailer-Manufacturer dynamic in a safe environment. When you add the trainer’s deep knowledge and understanding of the Market dynamics, his lectures and insights, it becomes a complete training solution, whether you are experienced or not.”

Jun Yang, Customer Led Category Management Manager, Metro AG.

Mar-Pro is not only the best Business Simulation I ever have in my career, but also the first course gave me the full visibility of the relationship between manufacturer, retailer and customers, from a strategic point of view. I do believe the training will help me to better "crack" the future conflicts in my retail buying job. And this methodology not only apples in Europe but also China. I ranked this training as No. 1 in my career including Tesco and Metro. It gave me a bird’s eye view of Manufacturer, Retailer and Customer, I feel like I can see how they run, like crystal clear. The course perfectly abstract all the practices I had into knowledge. I do believe people in China will love this course if language is not a barrier.

Jun Yang has 8 years retail buying experience in Tesco UK and China, Metro China, Turkey and Germany.

Luuk Strijker. Head of Field Force. Makro The Netherlands

What has Mar-Pro brought me personally?
Listen and ask questions. Seemingly two simple words that every one knows. You win together, but you can also lose together. Mar-Pro offers a realistic insight into the world of negotiating. Mar-pro is not just a game! You get a much better understanding/insight into where the win-win-win situation is. Every company has its own needs, own strategy. It's about what’s in it for me, what’s in it for them. For the longer term you need each other! That is why it is important to know your opponent/partner.

Yurii (Iurii Bugai, Metro)

Mar-Pro is the simulation which simultaneously explores the three most important issues in retail. Firstly, it demonstrates that we tend to forget about the KISS principle in our business, making things complicated for us, for our partners and as a result for our customers. Secondly, it shows that not only “win-win” (supplier-retailer) but “win-win-win” (supplier-retailer-customer) solutions are possible, viable & desirable. Finally, it reveals that the fear of making compromises (in the long term) sinks retail business. Mar-Pro gives the so much needed perspective & tools for a systematic view at our everyday job. Highly recommended for all in the retail business. A must for key decision-makers.

PartnersWorking together we are better and faster

  • ECR is a non-commercial partnership that unites more than 50 of the biggest retailers and manufacturers in Russia.
  • ECR Russia is part of the international organization ECR that is present in 40 countries all over the world.
  • The organization’s main aim is to implement the principle of the Efficient Consumer Response (ECR) of cooperation between retailers and manufacturers.
Academy ECR
  • ECR has been developing best practices for cooperation between retailers and FCMG in Russia for the past eight years. An independent partnership position in the cross industrial community, provides a unique opportunity to generalize and analyze knowledge.
  • Our aim is to attain the highest levels of business process efficiency by using the best modern experience and the newest information technologies.
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